Bolted plate structures

We use curved, corrugated, galvanised steel plates to make culverts, and pedestrian tunnels, stockpile tunnels and bridges.

Options for any application

‘Bolted plate’ is curved steel sheets of varying, widths, lengths and thicknesses. These are bolted together to form a durable structure. Combinations of different sized plates mean that a vast range of profiles can be created. We also make structures in four different corrugations, so there’s an economic option for any application. Some common profiles include:

  • Circular
  • Elliptical
  • Pipe arch
  • High profile pipe arch
  • Arch
  • Low profile arch
  • High profile arch
  • High profile ellipse

Our bolted plate systems are available in spans and diameters up to 12m. They have a solid strength to weight ratio, they are resistant to damage during installation and can adapt to changing temperatures and conditions. This means they offer clear advantage over concrete structures. Ours systems are easy to design, install and ship.

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Key features

We provide full support at all stages of the project from feasibility study through detailed design, to installation.

  • Easy to ship and install

    Bundles of curved plates can be moved in a single load

  • Simple and speedy design

    Unlike concrete, the design process is simple and fast

  • Fire and frost resistant

    Adaptable to changing temperatures and conditions

  • Certified

    Fully Type Approved by the Highways Agency, certificate No: BE1/2/91.

Typical applications

Bolted plate is typically used for diameters over 3.6m where high loadbearing capacity is required.