Helibore pipe

This helically wound corrugated steel pipe is well established as the most cost effective and versatile pipe system on the market.

Certified strength and durability

We use helibore pipe to make our stormwater attenuation tanks, culverts and tunnels. Designed to Highways Agency Standard BD12, it provides a 120 year life and is capable of carrying full highway loadings. It’s lightweight and easy to install.

All materials are sourced from quality assured certified suppliers. The pipe is helically wound from pre-galvanised steel coil to BS EN 10143, which has 305gms/m₂ zinc on each surface. Our product and manufacturing process is BBA Certified, Certificate No: 13/H209.

We offer full bedding and backfill details and jointing instructions. A wide range of factory fabrications including elbows, T’s, branches and manholes are available. For aggressive environments, there is a choice of secondary protective coatings including Monoguard Bitumen, Trenchcoat Polymer or Epoxy.

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Key features

Pipes can be manufactured in any length from 3m to 14m and in diameters from 0.3m to 3.6m.

  • Infinite layouts

    Design expertise and advice

  • Factory Fabrication

    Joints, elbows, branches

  • 120 year life

    Highways Agency BD12

  • Certified

    BBA and WRC approved

Typical applications

Our modular approach to design and factory fabrication reduces waste, time and cost, compared to concrete or HDPE systems. We use helibore pipe to make:

Technical specifications & calculations