Trenchcoat pipe

This heavy gauge, protective film withstands the elements, offering long-term protection and extending the life of storm drains, culvert systems and stormwater attenuation tanks.

Superior resistance

This is a protective coating applied to corrugated steel pipe by qualified appliers. The pipe is coated on both sides with protective polymer coating that conforms to AST A 742 and AASHTO M-246 and is a minimum of 250 microns thick. The polymer is composed of polyethylene and acrylic acid copolymer – and labelled ‘Trenchcoat protective film’.

The coating bonds to the corrugated steel pipe both chemically and physically, becoming an integral part of the galvanised steel pipe. Extensive industrial tests have shown that it can offer ten times the adhesive peel strength of asphalt coating materials. It’s resistant to corrosion and abrasion. It can also withstand abuse during fabrication, handling and installation, so it offers superior durability without limiting design.

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Key features

Corrugated steel pipe that is manufactured with Trenchcoat combines the benefits of steel and plastic:

  • Abrasion resistant

    Can withstand sand clay run off and gravel bedload, without losing adhesion to metal. It also possesses superior abrasive resistance over metallic coatings and asphalt dipped coatings.

  • Corrosive resistant

    Resists virtually all acids, salts and alkaline commonly found in most storm drains and culvert systems.

  • Lightweight

    Coating adds virtually no weight, so pipe can be handled, moved and installed more easily than concrete or asphalt coated pipe

  • Weather proof

    The film is not affected by extreme cold or heat found during winter or summer installations.

Typical applications

For aggressive environments Trenchcoat Polymer secondary coating can be used to provide a BBA Certified add on life of 50 years for the following products: