Stormwater attenuation tanks

Our systems are designed and made to order. We offer the most cost effective and flexible underground storage and disposal solution on the market.

Custom built to last

Don’t be limited by the size or shape of concrete or cellular systems; work with our design team to create a stormwater system that really meets your site brief. We can offer an infinite number of layouts using pipes from 0.3m to 3.6m diameter – with a mimimum design life of 60 years.

There’s no need for fabrication work on site. All our tanks are assembled and factory-fitted with any access shafts, ladders, inlet and outlet connections you need. This means that installation is often just a simple pipe laying exercise and any future maintenance is planned for. We also factory-fit flow regulators, so there’s no need for expensive regulator chambers, significantly reducing the end cost of the project.

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Key features

Tubosider can assist at every stage of your attenuation project, offering flexibility, durability, design expertise and reduced site costs.

  • Loadbearing

    Designed to HA Standard BD12

  • Easy to maintain

    Full access for routine and regulatory inspection and cleaning

  • Helibore pipe

    Fabricated from Helibore pipe, a BBA Certified product

  • Durable

    High quality pre-galvanised coil to BS EN 10143 gives a design life of 60 years minimum

Typical applications

We can develop a stormwater tank layout to fit your return period, discharge rate or site dimensions. We’ll supply and fit:

  • Flow regulators to restrict discharge to the specified rate
  • Pump chambers to achieve required storage volumes
  • Submersible electric pumps complete with switchgear and control panels
  • Gasketed joints, fully tested and WRc approved to ‘Sewers for Adoption’ standards
  • Trenchcoat Polymer secondary coating (BBA Certified) for a life of 50 years in aggressive environments

We’ve supplied over 3,000 tanks across the UK since 1987, bring true value engineered solutions to hundreds of construction projects.

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