What we do

We supply and manufacture corrugated steel pipe and WRc-approved storm water management systems, culverts and tunnels.

Promoting sustainability

Our versatile and durable products serve to preserve the natural features and precious wildlife of our global environment.

Our drainage solutions are manufactured from one of the world’s most recycled materials.

Flood collecting, storing and discharging whilst efficiently directing storm water to provide a valuable resource for generations to come.

More options on site

More design choices, fewer manholes and less underground pipework. Our products provide an infinite variety of layouts. That means you get a simpler, more flexible, storm water solution. Compared to a crate system, this can reduce the end cost by as much as 40%.

  • Less pipework
  • Flexible solutions
  • Fewer manholes
  • Reduced cost
  • Made to order

Our design team will work with you to create a system that meets the needs of your site brief. Innovation is a huge part of what we do. And if we meet a challenge along the way? We’ve been known to design a whole new product that does the job. All our systems are made to order in the factory. That means less waste, less cost to you and an installation that’s often just a simple pipe laying exercise.

Why choose Tubosider?

Key features

Made from the widest range of helibore galvanized corrugated steel pipe, our tanks offer the most cost effective and flexible storage and disposal solution on the market.

  1. Simple to install

    Fabricated in our factory, so installing is simple

  2. Easy to maintain

    Our tanks offer full access for future maintenance and cleaning

  3. Sustainable

    Made from 25% recycled steel, the world’s most recycled product

  4. Built to last

    Calculated to a minimum of 60 years design life

Products and applications

Our product range is diverse and flexible.
Here’s a quick summary of the storm water management systems we can offer:

Our customers tell us that we offer true value engineering solutions.
With WRc approval and almost 30 years of experience, you can trust our systems to deliver what they promise.