Pipe fabrication

All our pipe systems are built to order and meet your exact specifications. This means we only ever produce and supply what you need.

We make what you need

Each product or system is designed and built at our factory using steel Helibore pipe. It’s versatile, strong, light-weight and its mechanical properties mean it can be precisely engineered into an infinite number of designs. There’s no need for fabrication work on site. All our tanks are fabricated and factory-fitted with any access shafts, ladders, inlet and outlet connections you need. This means that installation is often just a simple pipe laying exercise and any future maintenance is planned for. We also factory-fit flow regulators, so there’s no need for expensive regulator chambers, significantly reducing the end cost of the project.

  • Strong helibore construction
  • 0.3m – 3.6m diameter pipes
  • Infinite layouts
  • Pre-fitted access shafts & ladders
  • Off-site fabrication

We’ll work with you to fully understand the initial concept, then design a system that meets the exact brief you’ve specified. Our CAD design teams work side by side with our manufacturing facility to innovate, trouble-shoot, build and deliver. This includes sourcing or designing any extra bespoke accessories. Our production process is streamlined and energy efficient with minimum waste, which means it’s environmentally sustainable (and easy to pass on big cost saving to our customers).

Key features

Our integrated design and manufacture process means we can continuously monitor progress to make sure we get each pipe fabrication right first time, every time.

  1. Versatile and strong

    Ideal properties for a range of projects

  2. Precise engineering

    Infinite detailed designs to your exact brief

  3. Integrated delivery

    Design and build work together

  4. Less waste, less cost

    Savings passed on to the customer

Products and applications

We can design and fabricate any solution for almost any type of engineering project from city centre developments to sports venues. Our products include:

Whatever the size and complexity of the specified brief, our customers tell us they can rely on us to get the detail right.