Value engineered

You can rely on our tanks to provide better value than a cellular crate system. Time and again our systems require fewer manholes and less underground pipework saving time and money.

Save time, space and money

As a minimum, we can reduce the number of manholes required for a crate system by two, and normally many more. Plus, installing one of our conventional tanks often means that you can use a full retention separator, providing a further cost saving.

With a crate system an upstream separator is required because of the hydrocarbons. However, our stormwater attenuation tanks fitted with ventable manhole covers only require a full retention separator.

If you are specifying a stormwater system, make sure you consult our sales team. On past projects alone, our value engineering could save over 40% on the end cost of a crate system. Using our tanks dramatically reduce manholes and pipework.

How much could you save?

Get in touch with our expert design team to discuss your project and see how much you could save.

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Singlestore corrugated galvanised steel pipe

WRc approved – PT/350/0714

Access chambers

WRc approved – PT/368/0915

Helibore pipe

Highway Agency Standard BD approved – Certificate no. BE2/4/92 BS EN 10143 – pre-galvanised steel coil and zinc coatings BBA Certificate no. 13/H209 Joints WRc air/water tested to Sewers for Adoption standard.

Crash barriers

EN 1317 Parts 1-5, Road Restraint Systems

Bolted plate

Highways Agency approved – Certificate no. BE1/2/91
Lloyds Quality Assurance – Certificate no. LRC 160 272

Trenchcoat pipe

BBA certified add-on life of 50 years in aggressive environments.

What our clients say

"We have been very impressed with the all-round support we had from Tubosider, which included the recommendation of a specialist installer for their system soon after it was ordered. We look forward to being able to maintain that relationship on further projects."

Chris Veal - South West Highways

"With Tubosider's help, we overcame the problem by adjusting the diameter and bringing them in in sections, which posed no problem to their corrugated steel system, which is simply gasketed together for rapid on-site installation. We did a lot of homework on the system and believe we found the right product at the right price."

Russell Bates - C Spencer

"Ultimately we chose Tubosider galvanised steel tanks above the other options considered as it best met the needs of the project, considering various factors such as proven durability, maintainability, military operational requirements, ease of installation, cost, and health and safety. Also, Tubosider had its own installation engineer on site to help with the set up and establish good practice."

Paul Mackie - Capita Symonds